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Deportation is an incredibly frightening prospect. The threat of being separated from family and the life you have worked so hard to build is something no one should go through without the most effective legal counsel available. Our attorneys understand what is at stake for the families of those facing deportation. We utilize our skill and knowledge to help people build strong cases that will help them stay in the United States.

The three categories that people facing deportation proceedings are:

  • Those not currently detained
  • Those detained by ICE
  • Those in criminal detention

Many people end up in deportation proceedings because of bad luck. Any contact with the police (even for something so simple as speeding) can result in an investigation of their immigration status. If it is discovered that they are in the U.S. illegally, that alone can get them placed into deportation proceedings.

Other times, people with green cards end up in deportation proceedings because of criminal issues, or after some prior misrepresentation is discovered. Even a citizenship application can trigger deportation proceedings, if a “deportable” criminal offense (including certain misdemeanors) is discovered.

It is essential for people to have skilled immigration counsel when they are taking any action regarding their status, when they are facing criminal charges or when they have been detained by ICE.

More Than 25 Years Of Combined Experience Fighting For Our Clients

At Preston & Brar LLC, our attorneys are committed to helping our clients stay in the United States. The depth of understanding of immigration law and how to work with USCIS, ICE, the immigration courts and the criminal courts allow us to offer our clients representation that they can depend on when the outcome of the case is as critical as deportation. In addition to working with individuals and the families of individuals who are facing deportation, we also regularly work with other criminal defense attorneys whose clients can benefit from our experienced immigration counsel.

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