Immigration Waivers Attorneys

For those who entered the United States illegally, any attempts to improve your immigration status are fraught with the possibility that you will actually worsen your situation. There are penalties for those who either entered the country illegally or overstayed a visa.

Previously, people who wanted to secure permanent resident status, even through marriage, would have to leave the United States and go through what is called consular processing. They would then face a 10-year penalty before they would be eligible to return to the U.S. It was a gamble that most people did not want to take.

Experienced Help Securing An I-601 Waiver

The I-601 waiver allows people to stay inside the U.S. while their admissibility is considered. This waiver was established in 2013 through executive action. This means that it could stop being available at any time and people should take advantage of the benefits this waiver has to offer now.

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At Preston & Brar LLC, our firm understands the complexities of the immigration system and we use that knowledge to help our clients move forward with their lives. We are able to create highly effective resolutions to the most complex immigration issues. Our decades of combined experience provide our clients with the advantage they need as they navigate the immigration bureaucracy.

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